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Lorman Weekly Course Updates

Lorman Education Services is now providing bi-weekly course updates for our members.  These will appear on the Annoucements page of the AAPI website as they are posted:

Attached is your affiliate course update for the week, this is a great resource to help with what you would like to notify your customers/members about. As always, please take a look at the attached and let me know if you have any questions or if I can assist in any way. Just a reminder, based off attendance, the programs in Blue are AWESOME and Red are SPECTACULAR.

This week’s topic spotlight:

04.29.19 – ST - IRS Form 1099-MISC Reporting Requirements and Updates – ID: 405278

04.29.19 – BUS - Integrating Your Microsoft® Office Programs – ID: 405327

04.29.19 – LB - HR's Role in Safety in the Workplace – ID: 405304

04.29.19 – CN - Fundamentals of Progressive Design-Build – ID: 405350

04.29.19 – LIT - IP Toolkit: 10+ Useful Contract Provisions for IP Transactions – ID: 404596

04.30.19 – CPA - Finding Fraud: What To Do Next – ID: 402079

04.30.19 – MGT - SWOT Analysis: A Simple, Strategic, and Powerful Planning Tool – ID: 404441

04.30.19 – BK - FinCEN's New Customer Due Diligence Rules: What You Need to Know – ID: 405352

04.30.19 – MR - Principal Diagnosis Selection: Ensure Compliance with Official Coding Guidelines – ID: 404244

04.30.19 – CN - How to Read Key Clauses in Boilerplate Contracts – ID: 405274

04.30.19 – PR - Federal Income Taxation of Employee Meals and Lodging, Housing, and Educational Benefits After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – ID: 399807

04.30.19 – LIT - Social Media Discovery: What All Attorneys Must Know – ID: 405285

05.02.19 – REC - Structuring Your Interview Process for Success – ID: 404948

05.02.19 – LIT - Protecting Attorney Communications With Testifying and Consulting Experts – ID: 405441

05.02.19 – BUS - Excel® Power Tips and Shortcuts – ID: 405483

05.02.19 – MGT - Creating Action Plans for Employee Performance or Behavioral Issues – ID: 405473

05.02.19 – MR - HIPAA Security Compliance Challenges and Solutions – ID: 405965

05.02.19 – BUS - Excel® Power Tips and Shortcuts – ID: 405483

05.02.19 – PR - How to Handle Travel Pay Legally – ID: 405474

05.03.19 – LB - Fair Labor Standards Act – ID: 405466

Next week’s topic spotlight:

05.06.19 – MGT - Maintain Positive Working Relationships With Everyone on Your Team – ID: 405406

05.06.19 – LB - Ethical Issues in Employment Law – ID: 405452

06.06.19 – LIT - Drafting Document Retention Policies – ID: 405803

05.07.19 – LB - Compensation Design Tips to Attract and Motivate Employees – ID: 405517

05.07.19 – CL - Collection Techniques And Law – ID: 405422

05.08.19 – PR - Creating a Payroll Manual: Putting Your Procedures Into Writing – ID: 404884

05.08.19 – LIT - Admissibility of Email and Internet Evidence – ID: 405440

05.09.19 – CN - Documentation and Proof of Construction Delay – ID: 405435

05.09.19 – BUS - Discover the Secrets of Microsoft® Excel® PivotTables – 405983

05.09.19 – LB - Accommodating Anxiety, Workplace Stress and PTSD Under the ADA – 405410

05.10.19 – LB - FMLA Extension: When 12 Weeks Is Not Enough – ID: 405409

Have a great week!


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Membership Dues Mailing Address Change

In an effort to streamline our mailing service and speed up the approval process for our American Alliance of Paralegal's new member and renewing member dues payments, as well as AACP renewal dues payments, we are requesting that payments in the form of checks or cash be sent directly to the Treasurer of the American Alliance of Paralegals, Inc., at the following address:

Diana J. Gruber
AAPI Treasurer
P.O. Box 976
Seligman, AZ 86337

This only applies to New Member and Renewing AAPI and AACP memberships. 

Payments for new AACP applicants should continue to be mailed to the Director of Education at the following address:

Leslie L. Adams 
American Alliance 
Director of Education 
38 Fountain Square Plaza 
Cincinnati, OH  45263


Lorman Partnership Reminder for Members

American Alliance of Paralegals, Inc. is currently set up with Lorman Education Services to provide our members with a 10% discount, which results in a commission paid to the American Alliance as non-dues revenue.   Please log in to the website with your Member login for the Lorman Education Services discount code.

Lorman has a great product you may not be aware of called the Lorman All-Access Pass.  All-Access Pass holders have unlimited access to all that Lorman offers for 12 months at the low price of $699. Your unique All-Access Pass URL is

With the hope of making things a little easier, you are being provided with the following unique URL that will take our members to the Lorman training page. Your training page URL is


AAPI Announces Shared Information Alliance With Texas State Bar Paralegal Division

On behalf of the American Alliance of Paralegals, Inc., I am pleased to announce a new alliance between the AAPI and Texas State Bar Paralegal Division!  In an effort to extend our outreach and information to organizations outside of the American Alliance, we have entered in to a shared information agreement with the Texas State Bar Paralegal Division to provide information about our organizations to each other's respective members.

On the Home page of the AAPI website, you will like find a link in the Quick Links box on the left to the website of the Texas State Bar Paralegal Division!  You will be able to find a great deal of information about their organization, including their 2017 published edition of "The Paralegal Ethics Handbook". 

I want to welcome the Texas paralegals to our website and to this information sharing endeavor!

John C. Goudie, AACP
President - American Alliance of Paralegals, Inc.




It has come to the Board’s attention that it is taking as much as 3 weeks for materials submitted in support of certification renewals to be forwarded to the Director of Education by the service monitoring the post office box in Delaware.  As a result, we ask that all AACPs begin the renewal process as early as possible.

Additionally, in order to streamline the renewal process and to bring the turnaround time more in line with the AAPI’s acceptable standards, renewal materials should no longer be submitted to the AAPI’s post office box.  Effective December 1, 2016, all materials submitted in support of certification renewal should be remitted directly to Leslie L. Adams, AACP, Director of Education, Fifth Third Bank Legal Department, 38 Fountain Square Plaza, MD 10909F , Cincinnati, OH 45263.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Adams at [email protected].

Director of Education
American Alliance of Paralegals, Inc.
[email protected]



General Membership for AACP's

If you are applying for AACP certification, or you are an existing AACP, in the American Alliance of Paralegals, Inc. and wish to have full membership in the Association, please add $35.00 to your membership fee and/or renewal fees in order to receive all of the benefits of membership including notifications of news and events.